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Pure Noise with Pure Data

$90Purchase required to enroll

PureData aka "PD" is a free and open source visually-programming-language for creating, manipulating, and controlling audio, MIDI, and other signals.
It allows us to program sound synthesizers, samplers, sequencers, custom effect-processors and MORE without writing a single line of code.
Instead of writing lines of code, the program works by visually connecting "patches" between processor-blocks that represent data and signal flow.

This workshop will focus on PureData as as a sound-creation and -manipulation tool, but these foundations can help apply PD for video manipulation, game controllers, automation, robotics or anything else that the PD language can handle.

If you are interested in learning this powerful tool to make your own custom tools for studio design or live media performance, join me (Patrick Richardson) on this crash course that will focus on basic visual-programming principles, signal synthesis and data sampling. Making noise for it's own sake !

Day 1 (May 29) will be intro and simple sound synthesis.
Day 2 (June 5) will introduce sequencing and sampling
Day 3 (June 12) will explore hierarchy and communication between the devices you create.

This course is suitable for beginners. Young makers 16 and older are welcome to attend.

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